‘anasTANSSIa’ is a multistructure choreography — art project, created by Taja Savina. 



Saint Petersburg State Petrovskiy College  — (Economic) 2008

Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University – (Marketing) 2010

Choreography education:

-       Herzen University (Modern choreography) bachelor’s degree 2013

-       Vaganova Academy (Laboratory of creation modern forms of choreography) master’s degree 2015


Also there are certificates of the classes of foreign choreographers such as:

  •  Eddy Ocampo
  •  Kimberly Fletcher
  •  Anna Kallblad
  •  Martin Forsberg
  •  Barbara Heily
  •  Theo Piu
  •  Katsura Kan
  •  And others…

Also studied with teachers such as:

  •  Albert Albert
  •  Lily Burdinskaya
  •  Anamet Alagven
  •  Katsura Kan
  • Natalia Zhestovskaya
  • Grigoriy Glazunov
  •  TatianaTarabanova
  • Anna Ozerskaya
  • Alice Panchenko
  • Vladislav Makarov
  • Zinaida Bondareva
  • Yulia Potapova
  • Nadezda Nikiforova
  • Konstantine Keyhel
  • Aleksandr Lyubashin
  • Julia Portnova
  • Olga Vasiljeva
  • Tatiana Gordeeva
  • Aleksandr Pepelyaev
  • Aleksandra Konnikova
  • Martin Nahbar
  • Andrey Andriyanov
  • Artem Ignatiev
  •  And others…

Latest working experience 


  • Choreographer, dancer — Dance Show «Marquis Night»

Dance Performance was shown  on the event «Marquis Night» in Saint Petersburg in 2009.

  • Dancer — Dance Show «Tatoo Festival»

Dance Performance was shown  as a part of  the event «Tatoo Festival» in Saint Petersburg in 2009.

  • Dancer — «Water show»

Dance performance was choreographed by a group of russian choreographers such as: Alisa Panchenko, Tatiana Tarabanova and others, and was shown on an economic forum in St. Michael’s garden in St. Petersburg in 2009.


  • Choreographer —  »SFERA»

Fashion — dance show was made for Yoga Festival in Saint Petersburg, 2012.

  • Dancer – “Remembrance”

Butoh solo, choreographed by Katsura Kan  in Teatteri Naamio ja Höyhen, Helsinki, Finland, 2012.

  • Dancer – “TRIO”

Butoh performance, choreographed by Katsura Kan in Nizniy Novgorod and Moscow on Art Butoh Festival, 2012.

  • Dancer  - “White Wind”

Butoh performance, choreographed by  Odd Dance Theatre ,Saint Petersburg,  2012.


  • Choreographer, dancer —  “Recollections”

Butoh solo was shown on the opening and closing of exhibition of modern art in a Big Manege in St. Petersburg, 2013.

  • Dancer —   «MARRA»

Fashion — Dance show was made for the fashion performance of the Fashion collection «MARRA» , designed by  Aron Ra in Helsinki in 2013.

  • Dancer — “Curious fish”

Butoh performance, choreographed by Katsura Kan, during Art Butoh Festival in Nizhniy Novgorod and Moscow, 2013.

  • Choreographer, dancer — “in+SECT”

Dance solo, which got 3d place in the competition “TOTAL THEATER” in St.Petersburg, 2013.


  • Dancer – “Person with a name…”

Butoh performance choreographed by Odd Dance Theater  on the Russian Nights Festival in Teatteri Avoimien Ovien January, 2014.

  •  Dancer – “Old Photo”

Butoh performance choreographed by Odd Dance Theater  on the Russian Nights Festival in Teatteri Avoimien Ovien January, 2014.

  • Choreographer – “Yellow wallpaper”

Directed by Ricardo Marin, in Tehdas Teatteri, Turku, Finland, 2014.

  • Dancer – “Macbeth”

Theater performance, directed by Luc Perceval, choreographed by Ted Stoffer, in the theater Baltic House in Saint Petersburg,  2014 (role – witch).

  • Choreographer, dancer  — “Recollections”

Butoh solo performed in Teatteri  on the Butoh festival «Roots and Branches» in Outokumpu, Finland,  2014.

  • Choreographer —  «Meet my Monsters»

Butoh solo was shown in Höyhentämö Teatteri in Helsinki, Finland, 2014.


  • Dancer – “3.5.4.”

Dance performance, choreographed by Maria Sheshukova in the theater SKOROHOD in Saint Petersburg, 2015

  • Dancer, actress – “Fan”

Theater performance by play “Fan” Yukio Mishima, directed by Ildar Musin in the Theater Acadeny, 2015 (the main role – Hanako)

  • Choreographer, dancer — «3-T»

Performance was shown on the Samurai exhibition in Russian museum of artillery in april 2015, and on the festival «Russian Nights of Museums» in Saint Petersburg in May 2015.


  • Dancer — «FINIS. Конец»

Dance performance, choreographed by Maria Sheshukova in the theater SKOROHOD in Saint Petersburg, 2016


  • Creator/performer — «Planet F»

This performance was made in collaboration with Julia Rodina special for Site Specific Festivals.

  • Choreographer/dancer — «Inner voice of the body»

The performance was based on the Taja’s body research work laboratory.

  • Choreographer/dancer — «Inner voices of the body»

Full version of the solo performance «Inner voice of the body» for 6  Japanese dancers. The project was organizes by DEVIATE.CO dance company in Tokyo.


Teaching modern and contemporary dance:

  • School «Music» , Saint Petersburg,  2010 -  2011
  • Fitness-club «Beauty and Strenght» , Saint Petersburg,   2010 — 2012
  • Dance studio «Diona», Saint Petersburg,  2010  - 2012
  • Author’s program: Body research work shop (based on japanese Butoh dance) — since 2016

Other collaborating experience:

Working as an assistent of Katsura Kan’s work shops in Russia and Finland since 2012.

Performing as a dancer with a music band «Планета Vэ» in Saint Petersburg since 2012.


«Manifest: The SACUMS. The echo of russian futurism». The book was publishing in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in June 2016.